September 1, 2016

I broke my own heart, but you smashed it into pieces.

And you said you’d never ever be with her when I last time I asked what if you and her got together in the future? I guess you are attracted to Aries? I guess, never say never.
23 Aug - zero sleep, nauseous, sick and disgusted to my gut just thinking and seeing the way you call her darling..misss youuuu… ‘nitezz nitezz darling’ - that was what you said to me before.
Do broken relationships just result this way all the time? The things 2 people used to share and ‘own’ can be so easily let go and started with a new person?
I never thought u’d start something new so quick, what more with Carmen, our common friend and someone I shared certain things with.
24 Aug morning - I just deleted every pic of us on Instagram because I feel more betrayed than disgusted. So in the end, what we had is actually so easily replaced. Thank you for teaching me that I am replaceable so easily. What <forever3 bullshit and you’ll think of me and love only me every day. Reality is when love ends, people will change and those promises and words are just meaningless empty letters we once said to each other because we ‘loved’ each other.
But I really hope you are genuinely happy, if so I will be really happy for you.

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